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The Delices of Nina

4.0 ( 4400 ratings )
Developer: Antonio Puig, S.A.

A crush, a hit... a delight!
What if you only had to touch your mobile to taste the most exquisite delights...?
For the launch of the new limited edition of the Les Délices de Nina fragrance, follow Ninas footsteps and explore an enchanted Paris laid out as a scrumptious maze.
In this delightfully regressive and colourful world, discover a range of psychedelic candy pieces, combine them to achieve your goals and gradually turn Paris into a sweet paradise. The most skilful players will win exquisite Les Délices de Nina hallmarked gifts...
An irresistibly addictive game where tangy candy is mixed up, multiplied and added up in an explosion of sweet and sparkling emotions. Yummy!

• A delicious candy combination game set in the magical world of Nina, with over 100 levels in four districts of Paris turned into a scrumptious maze.
• Soft, sparkling, sweet, tangy candy pieces... combine them in ever more enticing combinations as you progress through each level.
• To achieve your objectives, win points when you create combos of 4 to 7 pieces of candy, horizontally, vertically and diagonally, without reaching the top of the grid!
• Watch out for special candy pieces! Depending on their flavour, they can boost the deliciousness of your combinations and boost your score, but also exquisitely complicate your task...
• Win Les Délices de Nina gifts at the end of each world.

Give in to the temptation: just click to satisfy your thirst for sweet sensations!